STOP putting yourself last!

This is the BIGGEST MISTAKE you likely make.

You take care of the kids, the meals, the cleaning, the husband, the laundry...and maybe even work full or part time, as if the first part weren't enough. 😮‍💨

Then there seems to be no time left for you! Committing 15-20 minutes a day regaining your confidence in the look and strength of your body is one of those things you don't feel like you have time for.

I was you.

Until I ended up in the doctor's office doubled over in pain. I couldn't stand up straight because my core was so weak from a pinched a nerve in my back.

Lesson learned?

You can't take care of ANYBODY if you're broken.

physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually

Georgia spent 15-25 minutes/day

And is so happy to feel like herself again!

How long did it take her? A year. Why? It took her a while to figure out how to make time for herself and be consistent.

Getting Started Can Be A HUGE Struggle...

...And so can be staying consistent. 😩

But I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS! I've seen it SO many times.

You just need some tweaking here and there, and gentle but firm accountability to get you going.

This is what I can help you with. 😊

Need help with tightening your mommy tummy?

Need help with weight loss?

I can personally help you feel more confident and comfortable with your ability to meet your goals.

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